Information and inspirations while we cannot gather in prayer

From Monday 23rd March 2020, all churches were required to close their doors to Parishioners and visitors to reduce the potential for spreading Covid-19.  While this has meant the cessation of physically gathering to worship and experience fellowship, alternative methods of sharing  love and knowledge are readily available.  Julia has sent letters of encouragement and information and has shared prayers, sermons and suggestions via email and the printed pew sheet.  Below you can read her letters, shared sermons and suggestions for prayer and meditation.  

Sunday 10th May
Newsletter from Julia

Sunday 5th April
Palm Sunday Sermon by Julia

Sunday 29th March
Lent 5 Sermon by Martin Bleby 
Julia explains how to make your offering to the Parish

Tuesday 24th March
The Lectio-divina method of prayer and meditation
Letter from Julia

Sunday 22nd March 
Lent 4 Sermon by Archbishop Geoff

Thursday 19th March
Call to Prayer
Letter from Julia  – just prior to the closure of churches




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