Sanctuary Guild Gathering.
Some members of the Sanctuary Guild who take care of aspects of the interior of the church enjoyed a recent gathering to catch up with old friends and meet the new priest. Fifteen members met at Zoi Cafe in St Basil’s Nursing Home on Third Avenue in St Peters. After tea, they enjoyed a tour of the beautiful new facility. The cafe is open in the mornings during the week and members agreed that it was a great find and “another hidden gem of St Peters”. Shameni N and Cynthia W were absent when the photos were taken. – Julia 

October’s First Sunday of the Month: “Anything goes Sunday”
The 9.30am service on the first Sunday of the month has traditionally been an opportunity for “Something different”. On the first Sunday in October we enjoyed the accompaniment of an augmented music group with Brenton Brockhouse on the tuba while his brother, Grant, visiting from England, played the organ. In response to the New Testament reading about “the gift of God that is in you” we took part in “Messy Church for Adults” by cutting out shapes of our hands and inscribing them with things for which we are grateful. These became the leaves of a “Gratitude Tree”.  – Julia 

Creating “Hands of Gratitude”
A Gratitude Tree
The augmented music group

Congratulations to Brenton Brockhouse and the Cambelltown City Band.

From left to right: John and Mary Rhodes with Brenton Brockhouse.

Our organist has many talents. Brenton is a long-time tuber player in the Cambelltown City Band that has just celebrated its centenary (not that Brenton has been in it THAT long!) The band was founded in 1919 immediately after WW1, originally as a military band. Since then it has changed its tune to include contemporary music including that of Michael Jackson and Katy Perry. The involvement of younger players has increased membership to around 30 who enjoy a degree of success at competitions.

The Cambelltown Band Centenary Concert will be held at The Norwood Salvation Army HQ, George Street, Norwood on Sunday 29th September from 2.00 pm to 4.30 pm.

The family of the late Canon Herbert Coles gathered on Sunday 8th September to remember his wife and daughter, both named Margaret, and to witness the blessing of their newly-mounted memorial plaques in the Memorial Chapel.  Front and centre of the gathering was Mary Lawson, daughter of Canon and Mrs Coles, and sister to the younger Margaret. Members of her extended family who joined Mary shared laughter and some tears as they reminisced about the two Margarets and the former Rector of All Souls. Brenton Brockhouse, the parish organist, took the opportunity to return to the family a memento of Canon Coles given to him by the younger Margaret: The brass door knocker that used to be on the door of Canon Coles’ study, which is pictured here. 

Mary Lawson (second from right) and the descendants and extended family of Margaret and Canon Herbert Coles in front of the high altar in All Souls.
Mary Lawson in the Memorial Chapel seated in front of the memorial plaques to her mother and sister, Margaret Coles, the Elder and Younger.
The knocker from Canon Coles’ study that Brenton Brockhouse returned to the family.

Finding Hugo

A descendant of one of the early musical heroes of All Souls’ stopped by the church recently to look for his great grandfather’s memorial stone.

David Medlyn, pictured here, is the great grandson of Hugo Hansen, the immediate post-World War I organist and choirmaster who served the church 1919-1950. 

David was pleased to find not only Hugo Hansen’s memorial stone, but also early black and white photographs of him. David’s mother, Elizabeth Williams, wife of Richard Medlyn, was  Hansen’s granddaughter and her mother, Lorna Hansen, was baptised in All Souls’ church. Welcome to the extended All Souls’ family, David!

Lunch at the Kensington Hotel
Fifteen people enjoyed a Sunday lunch at the Kensington Hotel recently. It was a chance to enjoy being together, getting to know people and eating good food. Apologies to Ruth D who was away from the table when the photos were taken. Many thanks to Ann Peisley for organising the event and we look forward to the next gathering. Rev’d Julia 


The new South Australian State Petanque Singles Champion is an esteemed and faithful (in every way) member of  All Souls’ Parish.  Judith won 8 out of 8 games to not only take the championship, but to be recognised as the oldest player to win any State Petanque Championship.  Well done Judith – we are all very proud of you.  

Election Day Fundraiser

We had a wonderful turn-out of helpers and saleable items for our stalls at Coles Hall.  With a guaranteed passing trade, the sausage sizzle was a huge success (Go Democracy Sausages!) and the baked goodies, hand crafts, plants and produce sold like the proverbial hot cakes.  Apart from a few jars of preserves and a couple of plants (now available at the front of the church) it was a sellout success.  

Add to this success the number of people who took advantage of the open doors of All Souls’ Church.  Many locals were unaware of our hidden treasures and came to admire and enjoy a tea or coffee.  The enthusiasm was encouraging.  It is hoped that the word will be spread and more interest will be forthcoming.  

Thank you everyone who provided and participated.  It was heartening to see so many parishioners chatting and enjoying a busy day.  The financial benefits are still being evaluated, but they certainly made the effort worth while.  

Another great Windows Tour event

On Wednesday 15th May, Michele Hill brought her group of 25 William Morris enthusiasts to marvel at our wonderful windows.  The morning tea was appreciated, as always, and there were many questions about, not only the Morris windows, but the embroidery on the altar cloths, the church history and all of the other windows.  Our church has so many points of interest for visitors.  Thanks to those who provided food, set up, welcomed, served, chatted and tidied up.  A few hours of enjoyable company earned the parish nearly $700.  


The Rev’d Julia Denny-Dimitriou will join All Souls’ Parish as Priest-in-Charge at the end of June.  Julia is currently chaplain at St Peter’s Woodlands, her husband Nic  is Priest-in-Charge at Coromandel Valley, and they have two children in Year 12.  

We look forward to welcoming Julia and her family into our Parish and community.  Julia’s commissioning will be held at a date yet to be announced.  WATCH THIS SPACE.  

Saturday 4th May 6.00 pm at Coles Hall

Come along with your favourite casserole, lasagna, curry or ‘whatever’ to share with friends and family.  Bring your favourite beverage too.  

We have a guest speaker to make the evening even more interesting.  Michele Hill will give a talk about her extensive knowledge of William Morris (YES the designer of our beautiful windows), with an interesting extra topic.  You will have to come  along to find out!  

Please put your name down on the sheet at the entrance to the church and come prepared to have a very enjoyable evening. 


Now that we know the date of the election – 18TH MAY – we can begin to plan for a Fundraising stall at Coles Hall, which will be a Polling Booth.  

PLEASE place your name on the sheet, at the entrance to the church,  to help set up and/or serve on the stall.  Apart from earning much needed funds to assist in the running of the Parish, it is a good opportunity to meet other people from the local community.

Annual Vestry Meeting

The Annual Vestry Meeting was held on Sunday 31st March with a pleasing attendance of Parishioners.  Following receipt of  reports, the following people offered their services to the Parish in various capacities:  
Rector’s Warden               Sarah Blunt
People’s Warden               Colin McLeay
Parish  Council                    Alison Brookman
                                                      Suzette Crees
                                                      Ann Peisley
Synod Representative   David Robinson

Please support these Parishioners with your prayers and assistance as they endeavour to guide the Parish during this period of transition.  

Parish Council Meeting

The Parish Council met on Tuesday 22nd January.  The need for Council to oversee the daily operations of the Parish is very important until the Parish has secured the services of a new Priest-in-Charge.  Notes from the meeting will be available at the entrance to the church within the coming weeks. 

Blessing for Andy and family

The Parish blessed Andy and family as they left for their new parish.  Click HERE if you would like to read the blessing.  

Andy and Dee say Farewell to All Souls

full congregation turned up to hear Andy preach at the service on Sunday 30th December and assure Andy, Dee and family that their years of service have been valued and that they will be missed.  The morning tea at Coles Hall that followed was a joyful and tearful occasion with memories of the past and hopes for the future.  Gifts from the parish will travel to Stirling Parish with the Wurm family, together with the best wishes of parishioners from the 17 years of Andy’s ministry at All Souls’, St Peters.  

Grace’s Small Stall was not so small!

Sunday 16th December may have been a bit wet but that didn’t stop Grace (seen here with her Dad Jim) and her staff from setting up outside of Coles Hall with their treasury of Christmas crafts and other goodies.  Well done and thanks to all contributors and customers.  Grace’s Small Stall made $450!  This money will be donated towards the restorations of the beautiful windows of All Souls’ Church.  


All Souls’ Commemoration Service

On 11th November, 2018, All Souls’ Parish welcomed Archbishop Geoffrey Smith as we celebrated All Souls’ Day on the  centenary of Armistice Day.  Parishioners, and friends and family of past parishioners, attended a moving service to remember those who have lost their lives in service to their countries in times of war, and all loved ones no longer with us.  
Following the service, Coles Hall filled with the noise of friendly chatter, the smell of ‘real’ coffee and the silence from mouths full of delicious home-made goodies.  

Andy and Dee head for The Hills

We will farewell Andy, Dee and family when Andy assumes his new position as rector of the Stirling Parish at the beginning of 2019.  Andy’s last sermon will be heard on Sunday 30th December, but we still have plenty of time to reflect upon his wisdom during the next couple of months.  Farewell functions will be planned.  

September Morris Windows Tour

Parishioners welcomed visitors to our beautiful church and shared the wonders of the widows.  The change of day for the tour to a Saturday allowed people who are unable to attend during the week to come along and enjoy the event.  Thank you to everyone for your help. The next tour will be on Wednesday 7th November so keep the date clear.  

Parish Lunch on Sunday 26th August

A merry group of parishioners gathered at the Marryatville Hotel for lunch and an opportunity to catch up with friends.  Better late than never – we were delighted that Tiffany found us! A last minute rearrangement of tables to accommodate another gathering earned everyone a coffee “on the house” for being good sports.   Once again, thanks to Ann for arranging the event.  

Morris Windows Tours

Another successful tour was held on Wednesday 8th August.  Money from the sale of booklets and note cards, together with  donations from supportive visitors, is a valuable contribution towards the running of the Parish. Many thanks to the Parishioners who give a couple of hours of their time, and some plates of food,  to making these mornings a success. 

The next tour will be on Friday 28th September, so if Wednesdays are not suitable, perhaps you would like to help on a Friday.  

Sunday at the Concert Hall

A small group of parishioners met at the Norwood Concert Hall on Sunday 8th July to listen to a wonderful performance by the Norwood Symphony Orchestra.  Their “Fate and Fury” concert began with Rossini’s lively The Thieving Magpie Overture followed by orchestral support of a beautiful duet of violin and viola (from husband and wife musicians Ji Won Kim and Caleb Wright) in Mozart’s Sinfonia Concertante for Violin and Viola K367.  Finally, Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No. 4 began with resounding brass, tiptoed through  delightful pizzicato and finished with a lyrical Russian folk song as its theme.  

Further investigation shows that The Norwood Symphony Orchestral Society was incorporated in 1957 but operated as the Unley Orchestral Society since 1923. The Orchestra is made up of amateur and professional musicians, including members of the ASO.  

The Norwood Symphony Orchestra will present their next concert on Sunday 7th October.  Mark it in your diary for another Parish outing.  


You will see these amazing flowering agave in the side garden of the church.  Their botanical name is Furcraea foetida and their spectacular flowering spikes make a dramatic effect.  

Annual Winter Food Collection

The annual winter collection when ahead on Saturday, in spite of the cold wintry weather.  Of course this is the sort of weather when these goods are most desperately needed and many parishioners were on hand to welcome and thank the donors. 

Some donors took the opportunity to look around our beautiful church. It was a time for parishioners to chat and meet visitors, helped by fresh coffee and Ann’s delicious chocolate muffins.  

Many thanks to everyone who gave, welcomed, collected, sorted and delivered.  


Pot Luck Dinner

A genial group of Parishioners shared delicious winter food and fellowship at the Parish Hall on Saturday 2nd June.  Following the meal, Owen Crees gave an illustrated presentation about Angel Flight.  Many were not aware of the  services offered by Angel Flight and of the many volunteers who ensure that these services are available for  people who live in isolated or remote country areas that do not have essential medical support. 

Donations offered during the evening will support the running of the Parish.  

Cultural Tourism returns to All Souls Church

Our second group of William Morris tourists shared morning tea and enjoyed the beauty of our church on Wednesday 2nd May.  Once again, thanks to those who provided morning tea, served and welcomed our appreciative visitors.  Special thanks to Brenton – our well-informed historian – who presented his rapt audience with a fascinating walk through All Souls’ history.  Click on the following link to see Brenton in action.

The Parish is paid for each visitor, and visitors also purchase cards and books as souvenirs of their visit.   What an enjoyable way to support the Parish and meet people!  

New Photo Gallery now open on this Website

Check out the photos on the Photo Gallery page. Andy looks very photogenic with the Easter Eggs display. 

If you have photos that others might like to see, please email them to for them to be included in the Gallery.  

Produce sales raise funds for the Parish 

Parishioners are invited to share excess produce with others, and help raise funds for the parish at the same time.  So far this year the sale of figs, cucumbers, limes and herbs have resulted in over $50 being raised.  There are no prices but take what you need and pay what you can.  Don’t forget to bring some change whenever you come – you never know what might be available next Sunday!  Every little bits helps.  

William Morris Windows – Tour

On Wednesday 11th April, members of the congregation welcomed 23 William Morris devotees to All Souls Church to learn about and enjoy our wonderful historical windows.  Morning tea was shared, together with stories about the church and the visitors’ tour. The tourists, from all over Australia and New Zealand, expressed their delight in All Souls’ many fine windows and in the “light filled space”.  It also created an opportunity for parishioners to chat and learn more about each other while meeting people from outside of the congregation.

The next Tour will take place on Wednesday 2nd May, so please come along and enjoy an enjoyable morning together. Contact Sue Crees (0419 745 456) for more information.

Zoe and Grace (with a little help from some ‘big kids’ in the congregation) displayed their talents as Egg Design Artists at the 9.30 am Palm Sunday Service.



A good roll up allowed the meeting to proceed smoothly.  Andy Wurm announced Sara Blunt as the new Rector’s Warden and Colin McLeay was elected unopposed as People’s Warden.

Ann Peisley and Sue Crees were elected to serve on Parish Council along with Andy, Sara and Colin. Andy also appointed Ali Brookman as a Parish Council member.

The Vestry Meeting passed a motion to request Parish Council to accept the quotation from G-Force Building & Consulting Pty Ltd for repairs to the interior of the church.  Following Diocesan approval of the contract, the Trust Fund will provide the funds to enable the repairs to commence.  For more information about G-Force, please click the following link.

It was also resolved that further investigation be made into the cost of  repairs to the housing of the organ bellows to reduce the damage caused by falling plaster.

In addition, an inspection of the stained glass windows revealed serious damage that will require  attention in the near future.

Is 2018 the year that you will  become more involved in All Souls’ Parish?


22 years as Music Director for the Parish has not passed unnoticed or unappreciated.  Keep up the good work Brenton.

Are you a musician who would like to help out occasionally?  Let Brenton, or any member of the Parish, know if you can help on an occasional or regular basis.


Financial record keeping – Jan and Ross  have counted and banked the weekly collections for many years and helped numerous Treasurers with other financial duties.  Thank you!

Thanks to Ruth for taking over this year.

Flower arranging  – Helen has arranged flowers (stunning arrangements!) and organised the Guild  timetables for many years.   Thank you!

Can YOU arrange flowers?  Some of us are quite useless in this department – we urgently need people to maintain the beautiful presence of nature within our worship.

These are just a few of the dedicated workers who have kept the Parish going for the past 40+ years.  New recruits welcome.

We urgently need sides-persons, readers and lay assistants for both the 8.00 am and 9.30 am services.

The Sanctuary Guild needs new members to ensure that the church looks well-cared for and welcoming.  Polishing brass for a couple of hours (only 4 times a year) is a great way to get to know other members of the Parish.

No previous  experience is required.  Please look at our “Get Involved” page to see what other interesting opportunities there are to support your Parish.

Writing Cards for Sale

Blank writing cards featuring the beautiful stained glass windows of All Souls Church are available for sale at the entrance to the church.  Packs of 6 cards contain a mixture of photographs of different windows.

Each pack of 6 cards costs $10 and all proceeds go towards the work of the Parish.