All Souls’ Church is a parish of the Anglican Church, in the Diocese of Adelaide. We have been part of the St. Peters community since 1883.

For information please contact the Parish Secretary:
Ann Peisley (08) 8632 9483 or 0417 810 549

Bigger on the Inside

This is a fitting description for All Souls’ for a number of reasons. First is that upon entering the church building it is bigger, than it seems on the outside. Bigger on the Inside also applies to the size of our congregation, which is small in number, but large in spirit. We do not measure our success by external values such as how big our congregations are, or how dramatic our worship is. Rather, our focus is upon making room in our lives for God (who is infinite!) and nurturing the inner life of spirit. Those things are visible only to the extent to which they are reflected in the lives of those who make up our parish.

We are also Bigger on the Inside because we aim to encourage others to attend to their own inner life, discovering God amidst the stresses of life, as well as cooperating with the divine movement already at work within them. In a society that values success in terms of what we own and what we achieve, we seek to remind people that those things don’t bring lasting satisfaction, but what does is always available for free.

As Christians, we follow Jesus as the One through whom life is given to us, but in worshipping God, who is ultimately a mystery, we do not pretend to have all the answers. Doubt and questioning is accepted as part of the process of discerning truth, and we use our minds in conjunction with our life experience, reading of scripture, worship and the practices of the church.

As much as we value the individual, we believe that life is found in community, and we discover who we are in relationship with others. For that reason, the faith of the individual and the community are inseparable, no matter how imperfect the community is.