Work Has Begun

YES – work has started – but it is a very small step along the long road of restoration. 

  • We have repaired the returned two of our beloved stained-glass windows to their rightful place. 
  • We have repaired the arch at the entrance to the church, and can now enter from the front doors.

After a flurry of activity at the beginning of our National Trust Appeal, resulting in donations of around $20,000, and the wonderful generosity of Parishioners for the restoration of the windows, it is no surprise that everyone has had other things on their minds for the past few months. 

However, old buildings need constant attention, and our roof continues to leak during the winter storms. 

The banner is not only intended to celebrate the START of work, but to remind parishioners and the community that we desperately need help to CONTINUE the work.  We are resuming tours of the windows, with the required health measures in place, and we look forward to welcoming more visitors to view our windows and recognise the importance of restoration of the  building. 

Please contact Julia 7230 0579 or Sue 0419 745 456 for more information about tours.