Sorting Bee on Sunday 12th January at 2.00 pm at Coles Hall

THANK YOU to 10 willing workers who braved the dust (note Julia’s fashionable face-mask) and disorder in the shed behind Coles Hall to discover:

  • treasures to be kept for the Parish 
  • potential garage-sale material
  • a truck-load of odds and ends destined for the dump
  • one frightened possum!  

Items that could be removed from the shed were identified as things to be kept, for Parish use or for sale, or sent to the dump.  3 table-tennis tables, a piano and a number of trestle tables needed some effort to move, however it was decided that a church pew and multiple kneelers could remain where they were. 

A break for afternoon tea washed the dust from throats and gave the opportunity to chat before everything was returned – tidily – to the shed.  

Despite the quite hard and dusty work, it was a very enjoyable afternoon with a very satisfying result.  The next Sorting Day will turn attention to Kay Hall.