Election Day Fundraiser

We had a wonderful turn-out of helpers and saleable items for our stalls at Coles Hall.  With a guaranteed passing trade, the sausage sizzle was a huge success (Go Democracy Sausages!) and the baked goodies, hand crafts, plants and produce sold like the proverbial hot cakes.  Apart from a few jars of preserves and a couple of plants (now available at the front of the church) it was a sellout success.  

Add to this success the number of people who took advantage of the open doors of All Souls’ Church.  Many locals were unaware of our hidden treasures and came to admire and enjoy a tea or coffee.  The enthusiasm was encouraging.  It is hoped that the word will be spread and more interest will be forthcoming.  

Thank you everyone who provided and participated.  It was heartening to see so many parishioners chatting and enjoying a busy day.  The financial benefits are still being evaluated, but they certainly made the effort worth while.