Dust and Disorder

A very dusty Easter in All Souls’ Church

All Souls’ Church has been subject to continuous movement for many decades, as a result of the highly reactive clay soil of the district.  Cracks have been obvious in the Chancel and the Apse for some time and the choir stalls and Chancel have not been used to avoid the potential of having plaster dust, or possibly pieces of plaster, falling onto congregants. 

In more recent times, the plaster in the two chapel ceilings and walls has also started to separate from the brickwork and consequently these chapels have been roped off for safety reasons.

The Parish is committed to removing the plaster from the brickwork in these areas to enable the safer use of the entire church until such a time as the soil is stabilised sufficiently to repair the cracks in the brick work and to replaster the walls and ceilings.  Not only is time necessary for these actions, but significant financial resources must be found to complete the work. 

Contractors are currently working in very dusty conditions to complete this first stage of repair and unfortunately it is not possible to hold services in the church until they have completed their contract.  We are fortunate to have two halls that are now being used to hold services in the interim. 

Please continue to support the Parish during this period of upheaval with prayer, attendance and financial support.