Big THANK YOU to local community

Saturday 1st August was the date set for the delayed Annual Winter Food Collection. 

 As has been the practice in previous years, Parishioners distributed information flyers to homes in the suburbs surrounding All Souls’ Parish.  While walking around the local streets, some Parishioners discovered muscles that hadn’t been used for some time! 

On the Saturday morning, the food started coming in – and kept on coming.  People who had not previously donated said they believed it was a time when the community should support those in greater need.  The volunteers receiving and sorting the donations were kept busy all day.

Ann and Lionel, the driving force behind the annual collection since its inception 13 years ago, were surprised and thrilled with the response from the community. 

THANK YOU to volunteers, and to the local community for donating goods that are urgently needed by The Magdalene Centre to support people in need.