Pot Luck Dinner on Saturday 4th May

Come along with your favourite casserole, lasagna, curry or ‘whatever’ to share with friends and family.  Bring your favourite beverage too.  

We have a guest speaker to make the evening even more interesting.  Michele Hill will give a talk about her extensive knowledge of William Morris (YES the designer of our beautiful windows), with an interesting extra topic.  You will have to come  along to find out!  

Please put your name down on the sheet at the entrance to the church and come prepared to have a very enjoyable evening. 

Annual Vestry meeting

The Annual Vestry Meeting was held on Sunday 31st March with a pleasing attendance of Parishioners.  Following receipt of  reports, the following people offered their services to the Parish in various capacities:  
Rector’s Warden               Sarah Blunt
People’s Warden               Colin McLeay
Parish  Council                    Alison Brookman
                                                      Suzette Crees
                                                      Ann Peisley
Synod Representative   David Robinson

Please support these Parishioners with your prayers and assistance as they endeavour to guide the Parish during this period of transition.